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The RISE Initiative dedicated to raising awareness and reducing the stigma vulnerable populations face regarding sexual exploitation, homelessness, and poverty. RISE supports establishing safe spaces to provide holistic and trauma-informed programming to at-risk youth, through a series of life skills-based workshops  and presentation to foster resilience, self- efficacy, leadership skills, and confidence. Workshop topics include:

· Cultivating Resilience

· Health and Fitness

· Holistic Eating

· Wellness and Self-care

· Building Healthy Relationships

· Leadership 

At-risk youth are vulnerable and can become easy prey to those who want to lure them into drugs, sex trafficking and gangs and other dangerous lifestyles. Once involved in these lifestyles, youth may find it challenging, if not impossible, to turn their lives around no matter how hard they try. That is why to break the cycle of abuse and trauma the RISE Initiative's support efforts to give youth the tools and strategies to they need help rebuild their lives and reintegrate with their communities.

Through RISE, youth learn to develop life skills, goal setting, personal accountability, personal health and wellness further develop a further appreciation for their resilience and self-determination.


Most Requested Workshops

How to Be Resilient: 5 Tools to Strengthen Resiliency


In this workshop, participants learn tools to strengthen their resiliency. Equipping youth with keys to manage challenge, adversity, and hardship and use these experiences as the springboard to greater success.

Self-love and Healthy Relationships for Teens


This workshop helps teens learn about relationship building, self-care, communication, boundaries,consent, and safety planning. Teens are especially vulnerable for abuse or exploitative relationships, that is why this workshop focuses on helping teens build a foundation of self- confidence and self-love.

Understanding Human Trafficking: What Every Teen Should Know


This workshop explores the much talked about but grossly misunderstood issue of domestic sex trafficking. Breaking down how human trafficking happens and what are the red flags and signs, young people should be aware. This information is relevant for youth navigating everyday life and on on-line communication. 

RISE In The News!

Canadian School Counsellor Magazine


"While the RISE Initiative is essentially in its infancy, Bruder hopes the organization will grow to be an agent of social change. She'd like RISE to not only help vulnerable youth after they have overcome adversity and hardship but also help young people avoid falling victim to things human trafficking,  homelessness, and poverty from the very start".

To read the full article click on the image. (page 37)


Youth Testimonials


"This workshop helped me speak more confidently".

"I liked the goal setting activities. I'm going to apply this to my life".

"Thank you for helping me get out of my comfort zone".

"Hearing your story was very motivational"

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