BRUCE RIVERS, Executive Director, Covenant House

"Rhonelle is a brilliant, exceptional, competent, intelligent and very professional speaker and mentor. I am honoured, humbled and grateful to have worked with Rhonelle for this event and I look forward to further engaging with her and to also support her on any of her initiatives going forward". 


SINDY ZEMURA-BERNARD, Founder & Executive Director

"Rhonelle is a fierce advocate, who brings with her many professional qualities that make her stand apart from the crowd. These qualities make her a dynamic public speaker, a fierce advocate, and a tenacious learner and educator".



 "Rhonelle is a fierce advocate, who brings with her many professional qualities that make her stand apart from the crowd. These qualities make her a dynamic public speaker, a fierce advocate, and a tenacious learner and educator. In addition to this, Rhonelle is also just a gentle, kind, and honest person. The same principles she espouses to promote mental health and wellness, she practices with her friends, families, and colleagues, and I believe this to be her highest quality" 

BENEDICTO SAN JUAN, Program Manager, For Youth Initiative

"Rhonelle brings a unique perspective with lived experience and was able to meet youth where they’re at.  The RISE program explored very tough issues that our young people face on a daily basis. Through self-reflection and planning, our youth gained a very real understanding of what it means to succeed when you grow up facing multiple barriers". 

SHALYN ISAACS, York University

 "Rhonelle is not your average speaker – she shares her experiences with trauma and resilience with a sense of courageousness and dignity that inspired everyone in the audience to rise above their own struggles and find meaning in difficult life experiences. With her speech, Rhonelle taught us all about the ways that we can reclaim our personal narratives and shift the direction of our life trajectories by maintaining a positive, resilient psychological mindset".


 "I remain impressed and inspired by Rhonelle's fervent drive to use her experience of personal struggle to drive her academic and professional ambitions to make our communities better for those who need it most. She's pursued and completed her Masters and is now building on and applying what she's learned to support and serve young people who were as marginalized and neglected in our city's shadows, the way she once was".  


 "Rhonelle recently spoke at our Annual DivaGirl Wellness & Empowerment Conference. From the moment she began sharing her story, she connected with women of all ages, cultural backgrounds and life experiences. Her speech on resilience gave women the courage to use their voices to speak up on the issues that affected their personal lives, and to realize that no matter what they are going through, they are not going through it alone. You can tell in her presentation the hard work, and care that she puts into making her message resonate and leaves a lasting impact. As well as being from the community she has served, Rhonelle is a personal inspiration to myself, and to the women whose lives she has touched".

SHREYA PATEL, Director, Girl Up Documentary

"Rhonelle is a changemaker in her community and her energy is infectious. She uses her experience to help so many people around her and her RISE Initiative is a powerful organization that helps and provide resources to so many youth. She is a beautiful person and it has been an absolute pleasure to have her on my panel for the Girl Up Documentary Event". 

LOUIS MARCH, Founder, Zero Gun Movement

"Rhonelle's accomplishments with the RISE Initiative are staggering but what truly sets her apart is that she has used her own story of homelessness, exploitation, and abuse to support the most vulnerable in our community. On  the acclaimed TVO program, The Agenda hosted by Steve Paikin. Rhonelle participated in a discussion with the multiple guests including the Honourable Alvin Curling who co-wrote the seminal report on the Roots of Youth Violence. Speaking from her own lived experience and sharing her perspective engaging with ex-gang members, young people invovled in the criminal justice system, homeless and exploited youth. Rhonelle was able to bring a human touch to the stories of youth violence we hear about every day".